Participants in Training the Trainers Program for the ISPA Supervisor Credential

These ISPA members have completed the course and experience requirements to earn the ISPA Supervisor Credential.  They are prepared to provide clinical supervision consistent with contemporary best practices.

LADSE (October 25 & 26, 2017)

Dayle Ashley-Harding

Jennifer Cooper

Susan Gallagher

Mary Halpin

Melissa Hanke

Dana Kantor

Danel Koonce

Christopher Lewandowski

Rachel Losoff

Christine Malecki

Monika Neale

Rosario Pesce

Ruth Shook-Orr


ISU  (November 1 & 2, 2017)

Amy Bennington

Elizabeth Casper

Gary Cates

Karla Doepke

Margaret Floress

Julie Herbstrith

Kelly Juskiv

Kristal Shelvin

Laura Swanlund

Kirsten Wilkerson


Tracy Cruise

Dennis Simon

Mark Swerdlik