Call for poster presentations for the 

2024 Annual ISPA Convention

Poster Topics

Any poster presentation that is of interest to school psychologists is appropriate for committee review. Poster sessions are an informal format for presenting research data or highlighting innovative practices. In the research category, you are encouraged to present any current research.  Research is a broad category and can include many types of methodologies, such as experimental research, applied research, program evaluations, or literature reviews addressing research questions. In the practice category, you are encouraged to highlight any innovative practice or intervention.  You can share preliminary results or final outcomes for the practice. 

Proposal Submission Requirements

Those interested in presenting must submit a (a) 8-10 word title, (b) a 25-50 word abstract of their presentation, (c) a one to two page summary of the presentation, and (d) 2-5 keywords describing your poster.  You will also include the category of poster, primary presenter’s name, address, phone number, e-mail, place of employment, and name of additional presenters, all suitable for printing in the conference program. 

 *You must be an ISPA member to submit a Poster for Convention.  In order to present in-person, you must register for the convention.*

2023 TBD Call for posters opens.

2023 TBD Call for posters ends. 

2024 TBD Acceptance notifications will be sent.

2024 TBD Submission of digital poster video and supplemental materials for posters deadline.

Evaluation criteria

 Proposals are evaluated based on the quality of the submission and the degree of practitioner focus.  All posters will be submitted electronically on the ISPA website. 

Proposals must be submitted via the link below.

Proposal Submission

In the link, there is not an option to attach a word document, so it is recommended that you type up the abstract and summary in a word document and then copy and paste into the survey monkey link when you are ready to submit.  


Presenters must clearly state who will serve as the contact person for future communications, as acknowledgement of acceptance, etc. will only be forwarded to one contact person.


Contact Bridget Bucklin ([email protected]) and Dr. Jyoti Kolodziej ([email protected]) with questions.


Please write “ISPA Winter Convention/Posters” on the e-mail subject line

Special Note:

Everyone who submits a poster proposal will also be required (at a later date) to submit a short video presentation and supplemental materials.  All submissions that are considered to be of interest to School Psychologists and deemed appropriate after committee review, will be placed on the ISPA website for ISPA members to view and give feedback after the Winter Convention. Please know that we are working diligently and creatively to figure out the largest number of poster presentations as possible.