Our Leadership

ISPA leadership includes the Executive Committee, Regional Directors, committees, work groups, and representatives elected or appointed to advance the work of the association. For position descriptions, refer to the ISPA Constitution and Bylaws, available under Member Resources . The latest contact information for the following members of leadership can be found in the ISPA Membership Directory.

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Executive Committee

Regional Directors

  • Region 1: Caicina Jones
  • Region 2: Alex Hill
  • Region 3: Vacant
  • Region 4: Trisha Mann
  • Region 5: Blake Martin
  • Region 6: Vacant
  • Region 7: Isaneida Alvarado
  • Region 8: Gina Robuck
  • Region 9: Vacant
  • Region 10: Vacant 
  • Region 11: Susan Whitney

Committee Chairs

  • Budget, Planning and Development:  Bridget Bucklin, Kaysa Pelofske
  • Bylaws/Parliamentarian: Richard Harley
  • Career Services: Keeshawna Brooke, Lynn Pappadimas
  • Child and Professional Diversity: Gabriela Garibay
  • Communications: Brian Apollo, Sanita Saengvilay
  • Convention: Shirley Pitts, Kathy Martin
  • Governmental Affairs: Don Sibley, Brenda Huber, Carrie Emrikson
  • Membership: Kat Bokermann, Rosalinda Barragan
  • Professional Standards: Mary Satchwell, Carla Ordonez
  • Technology:  Vacant

Nonvoting Positions

  • Ethics: Rhonda Stone and Michelle Marcowka 
  • Nominations and Elections: Katherine Campbell

Representatives (nonvoting)

  • Graduate Educator: Vacant 
  • Intern Representatives: Katelyn Edwards
  • Student Representative: Nkem Ndem

Liaisons (nonvoting)

  • Illinois Alliance of Administrators of Special Education (IAASE): Vacant
  • Illinois Fund for Careers in School Psychology (IFCSP): Rosina Gallagher
  • Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE): Darcy Thompson, Sean Casey
  • Illinois Special Education Coalition (ISELA): Carrie Emrikson
  • Illinois School Psychology Internship Consortium (ISPIC): Vacant
  • Illinois School Psychologists Political Action Committee (ISPPAC): Vacant
  • International School Psychology Association (ISPA): Vacant
  • National Association of School Psychologists (NASP): Carrie Emrikson