Our Leadership

For position descriptions, refer to the ISPA Constitution and Bylaws, available under Member Resources . The latest contact information for the following members of leadership can be found in the ISPA Membership Directory.

Executive Committee

Regional Directors

  • Region 1: Mallory Miller
  • Region 2: Jyoti Kolodziej
  • Region 3: Arlene Yong
  • Region 4: Kim Mackinson
  • Region 5: Blake Martin
  • Region 6: Jessie Shuemaker
  • Region 7: Isaneida Alvarado
  • Region 8: Karen Crettol
  • Region 9: Nicole Musil
  • Region 10: Ben Shabad
  • Region 11: Brian Apollo

Committee Chairs

  • Budget, Planning and Development: Anthony Adamowski, Jim Wilczynski, Munirah Bolis
  • Bylaws/Parliamentarian: Richard Harley
  • Career Services: Emily McDonough, Lynae Maciel
  • Child and Professional Diversity: Gabriela Garibay, Kristal Shelvin
  • Communications: Kaysa Pelofske
  • Convention: Shirley Pitts, Kathy Martin, Denise Meyer
  • Governmental Affairs: Don Sibley, Brenda Huber, Carrie Emrikson
  • Membership: Kat Bokermann, Rosalinda Barragan
  • Professional Standards: Mary Satchwell, Sandra Hoffman
  • Technology:  Vacant

Nonvoting Positions

  • Ethics: James Walsh
  • Nominations and Elections: Michael Grenda

Representatives (nonvoting)

  • Graduate Educator: Rachel Losoff, Meg Floress 
  • Intern Representatives: Dominique Starling
  • Student Representative: Wendy Walker

Liaisons (nonvoting)

  • Illinois Alliance of Administrators of Special Education (IAASE): Vacant
  • Illinois Fund for Careers in School Psychology (IFCSP): Rosina Gallagher
  • Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE): Vacant
  • Illinois Special Education Coalition (ISELA): Carrie Emrikson
  • Illinois School Psychology Internship Consortium (ISPIC): Vacant
  • Illinois School Psychologists Political Action Committee (ISPPAC): Vacant
  • International School Psychology Association (ISPA): Vacant
  • National Association of School Psychologists (NASP): Kathleen Loomos Ostry