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January 2023 

The POWER of UNITY: School Psychologists Inspire, Empower, and Propel Students to Greatness

Hello Colleagues, 

We have so much to celebrate. Like you, I am looking forward to spending time over the holidays with family and friends. As you enjoy the company of loved ones, decorate, shop, bake, or just relax, remember to celebrate the many accomplishments of 2023. I encourage everyone to consider all the blessings around you; to reflect on the challenges that you have overcome; and to celebrate the many opportunities that you positively influence the lives of others. I challenge you to take some time for personal care, including physical health and mental health. During this season, it is important to focus on all aspects of health and well-being. The pressures associated with this time of year are great reminders to engage in self-care. Reflect on positive aspects of life, both personally and professionally. 

As you know, ISPA is here for you. ISPA works to provide resources to help you to continue to grow professionally, while ensuring that you have resources to promote positive mental health. Despite the challenges associated with our work, you never cease to shine and as you continue to give back to further enhance the lives of children. Your diligence is what makes this work so very special.

As we prepare for the annual convention, I would like to commend the ISPA leaders for their tireless work and efforts to always provide excellent workshops. Be on the lookout for the Save the Date for 2024. ISPA is proud to provide ISBE and NASP approved professional development, where you get a big bang for your bucks. 

ISPA continues to expand its efforts to broaden the awareness of our amazing profession. ISPA collaboratively works with the Illinois State Board of Education on varying initiatives to promote multi-tiered systems of support and other school-based services. ISPA worked with ISBE on the development of the guiding documents around Faith’s Law to protect children and youth. ISPA also works collaboratively with the Office of the Illinois Attorney General around safety matters for children and youth.  

Other benefits provided by ISPA includes:

  • Monthly updates - ISPANow
  • Quarterly Newsletter - School Psychology in Illinois 
  • Lobbyist and ongoing advocacy to strengthen relationships with state Legislators
  • Collaborative relationships with sister associations working together to lobby for funding to support both graduate programs and graduate students
  • Ongoing expansion of ISPA Committee work

Other benefits include but are not limited to being an association that is highly revered by many states across the country because of strong advocacy and legislature connections, as well as the high-quality professional development offered to members. ISPA has worked hard for decades to establish relationships with legislatures to promote many wins for our field. School Psychologists from other states who hold the NCSP can now work in Illinois as credentialled psychologists. This is due to the legislative work around the certification process. Also, Illinois residents who hold the credential of NCSP can apply those credits in totality to the ISBE certification renewal process. There are so many more examples. 

Important update to Membership: Recently, the process to join and renew membership was updated to allow more flexibility with your renewal date. Yes, the membership process has been updated to provide an additional member benefit. Now, when you join or renew your membership, your join date becomes your renewal date. We do apologize for any difficulty that you may have experienced during the 2023 renewal process. You can now set up the auto-renewal to make it easier for you next year. 

I would also like to take this moment to invite you to be a part of the work of ISPA. Please contact ISPA regarding your areas of interest. We could use your help to further expand our outreach and to broaden the awareness of our wonderfully amazing career. If you notice a gap, let us know and help us to continue to grow. 

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or want to share your perspective to enhance the work of our association,

Katherine Campbell, Ph.D., NCSP, LCPC


Katherine Campbell, Ph.D., NCSP, LCPC
Illinois School Psychologists Association
[email protected]