Research Grant Award Winners

2019 Winner

Practitioner: Jennifer Cooper and Sue Gallagher
TopicTraining School Psychologists to Support Students Impacted by Trauma

2015 Winners

Practitioner: Sandra Hoffman
Topic: The Effects of the School Poverty Level on Student Oral Reading Fluency Scores When Identified, or Not Identified as Having a Specific Learning Disability

Student: Leah Marks

2012 Winners

Practitioner: Mary Iffert
Topic: Teaching Early Childhood Social Skills

Student: Stephanie Grunewald
Topic: The student's Perspective: Exploring Ethnic Group Variances In Bullying Behavior Using Mixed Methods Research

Student: Kristen M. Johnson
Topic: Intervening with Organization and Homework Difficulties in Public Schools

2009 Winners

Student: Katherine Gioia
Topic: Individual Differences in Children's Responsiveness to a Social Skills Intervention

Student: Lisa Matik
Topic: Personality Influences on Bullying Behavior and Victims

Practitioner: Adam Larsen
Topic: Enhancing Vocabulary Outcomes through Word Consciousness in Third-Grade Students

2008 Winners

Student: Brooke Ferrero Baker
Topic: Urban Middle School and High School Students' Attitudes Toward Mental Illness and Mental Health Care.

Student: Sara Reck 
Topic: Sustained Attention and Age as Predictors of Behavioral Inhibition, Selective Attention, and Spatial Working Memory During Early Childhood

2007 Winners

Student: Megan A. Bilyeu, S.S.P.
Topic: The Relationship of Behaviors Associated with Childhood Bullying, Cyber-Bullying, and Victimization, with Adult Self-Esteem and Anxiety

Student: Lisa Marie Davidson
Topic: Social Support, Victimization Due to Bullying, and Distress: A Longitudinal Analysis 

2006 Winners

Practitioner: Barbara Curl, Ph.D. Grant Co-Writer: Heidi Triezenberg
Topic: Within a Problem Solving/RTI Context, a 3-Tier Model of Research-Based Reading Interventions Using the Five Big Areas of Reading

Student: Julie Keenan
Topic: Implicit and Explicit Measures of Prejudice Toward Gay and Lesbian Parents

Student: Amanda Cunningham, M.S.
Topic: The Effects of Familiarity with an Observer on the Behaviors Demonstrated During Classroom Behavior Observations

 2005 Winners

Practitioner: Barbara Curl, Ph.D.
Topic: A school-wide model of supplemental reading interventions using the five big areas of reading

Student: Beth Bourque
Topic: Agreement among school psychologists on behavioral function using Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence logs as a functional behavior assessment method

Student: Rachael Zweigart, M.S.
Topic: The impact of student socioeconomic status, school socioeconomic status, and availability of alternatives on the decision to retain

2004 Winners

Practitioner: Jennifer Jewell, Ph.D. Collaborating With: Christine Kerres Malecki, Ph.D.
Topic: An Investigation of the Appropriateness of Using CBM Written Language Probes for Progress Monitoring and as an Intervention

Student: Kelly Murray
Topic: Overcoming the Conceptual and Methodological Constraints in Examining Teacher-Child Relationships in Kindergarten

Student: Kelly Thomason (Jennings)
Topic: Considering Instructional Time and Comprehension Rate When Evaluating the Effectiveness of Reading Interventions in Classrooms