ISPA members with Bilingual Special Education Approval

Additional contact information for the below individuals is in the ISPA membership directory on-line (accessible by ISPA members). You may want to know how to find a bilingual psychologist that may not be listed, or other bilingual school service personnel. The Illinois State Board of Education maintains a list of Bilingual Evaluators, on their website. One can obtain this list by going to ISBE website at: Once you are at ISBE's website or main page, type Bilingual Evaluators in the search box and click the magnifying glass icon. Once this page comes up, scroll down to where it says, Bilingual Evaluators, and double click on it. The list of bilingual evaluators should come up. One will find a listing of bilingual evaluators from around the state, as well as their discipline and the language/dialect they may speak. Secondly, Chicago Public Schools has quite a number of bilingual psychologists, social workers, and nurses etc., who may speak some of the more rare or unusual dialects. For more information, one can contact Dr. Reggee McClinton, Manager of Mental Health, Chicago Public Schools, at 773/553-1890. Email your Ideas, Comments, Suggestions or Questions to Gabriela Garibay or Kristal Shelvin, ISPA Child and Professional Development chairs.

ISPA Members with Bilingual Special Education Approval  (available to ISPA members only/updated by members)

Information listed below updated 07/20/20

Name Languages E-mail Address
Alvarado, Isaneida Spanish [email protected]
Argerich, Alejandra Spanish [email protected]
Barragan Ed.D., Rosalinda Spanish [email protected]
Berenson, Alysa Spanish [email protected]
Boland, Regina Spanish [email protected]
Bozikis, Elaine Greek [email protected]
Caceres, Felix Spanish [email protected]
Carreno, Christina Spanish [email protected]
Celinska, Dorota Polish [email protected]
Jillian Clarke  Spanish  [email protected]
Corona, Norma Spanish [email protected]
Correa, Ramon Spanish [email protected]
Cruise, Linda Spanish [email protected]
Davila, Ana Spanish [email protected]
Domanico, Yolanda Spanish [email protected]
Emerick, Susana Spanish [email protected]
Flores-Rodriguez, Sandy Spanish [email protected]
Galan, Raquel Spanish [email protected]
Gallagher, Rosina Spanish, Italian, French [email protected]
Garibay, Gabriela Spanish [email protected]
Girgis, Jacklen Arabic [email protected]
Hagan, Victoria Spanish [email protected]
Hernandez, Geraldine Spanish  [email protected]
Hussain, Anisa Urdu and Hindi [email protected]
Isoe, Liliana Spanish liliana[email protected]
Jauregi, M. Arantza Spanish, Basque [email protected]
Jones, TerrieAnn Spanish [email protected]
Karahalios, Vicky Greek [email protected]
Kula, Kathy Polish [email protected]
Langer, Margaret Polish [email protected]
Lara, Milagros Spanish [email protected]
Maciel, Lynae Spanish
Magana-Atilano, Veronica Spanish [email protected]
Miller, Mallory Spanish [email protected]
Minner, Carla Spanish [email protected]
Misiaszek, Michal Polish, Spanish, French [email protected]
Montes de Oca, Jessie Spanish [email protected]
Morell, Irene Spanish [email protected]
Musil, Nicole Spanish [email protected]
Nava, Mayra Spanish [email protected]
Ordonez, Carla Spanish [email protected]
Padilla Perez, Juliana Spanish [email protected]
Palermo, Luilia Spanish [email protected]
Pasko, Julieta Spanish [email protected]
Peebles, Anetta Spanish and Polish  [email protected]
Pesce, Rosario Spanish and Italian [email protected]
Prencesvalle, Belen Spanish [email protected]
Radulescu, Corina Spanish, German, Romanian  [email protected]
Ramos, Marria Spanish, American Sign Language  [email protected]
Reyes, Pauline Spanish and Greek [email protected]
Rivera, Kelly Spanish [email protected]
Rodriguez, Karina Spanish [email protected]
Salinas, Diana Spanish [email protected]
Sauceda, Maria Spanish [email protected]
Stephanie Marsala, Stephanie Spanish [email protected]
Stone, Luisa Spanish [email protected]>
Tanabe-Piazza, Natsuki Japanese [email protected]
Valls, Mireia Spanish, Catalan [email protected]
Vidal, Monica Spanish [email protected]
Ziaja-Castillo, Anna Spanish and Polish [email protected]
Zoller, Daniel Spanish [email protected]