Illinois Scope of Practice


Can school psychologists conduct independent evaluations?
Current Illinois statues allow a Licensed Educator with a Pupil Personnel Endorsement (School Psychologist), as defined by the State Board of Education, to provide in the private sector the same range and scope of services that are provided by a school psychologist in a school setting, as described in the School Code. School Psychologists may not function as a general practitioner of clinical psychology unless otherwise licensed to do so by the Illinois Division of Professional Regulation. Practice outside of the school setting is limited to, "making evaluations, recommendations, or interventions regarding the placement of children in educational programs, or special education classes" unless the practice is provided under the supervision of a licensed school or clinical psychologist. Insurance companies are not currently required to reimburse school psychologists for any services, and school psychologists may not provide services in the private sector, or in a private capacity, to any student who is enrolled in the district where the school psychologist is employed. For more information refer to the Clinical Psychologist Licensing Act