Getting Started: Contact Preferences & Privacy

To keep your inbox clean and your personal information secure, your membership puts you in control of your privacy and the amount of emails you receive. We never want to be a bother in your inbox at ISPA, so you have total control of what email you receive from us, and are free to opt-out and unsubscribe to all messages except form confirmations (like when you make a purchase with ISPA to come to convention or apply for membership) and renewal notices for members.

Directory information is restricted to active ISPA members only and includes: Your name, organization, email, region, bilingual approval, and languages you are fluent in.

Configure who can see your information

  • Log into your profile.
  • Adjust who can see your information under My Profile / Privacy Settings
    • Default - allows all active members to view
    • Connections - only your connections can view
    • Only me - restricts viewing to you only

Configure what emails you receive

  • Log into your profile
  • Adjust what emails you receive under My Profile / Contact Preferences
    • Mailing List Preference - ISPA generally does not email more than once per month (recommended on)
    • Adjust your social community email notifications
  • Forum Subscriptions - adjust if you want no email, subscribed topics, new topics only, or all replies
  • Adjust your e-list (listserv) email delivery under My Features / E-lists
  • Adjust your committee email notifications under My Features / Committees