Getting Started: Committees

As a committee member, you now have access to your  committee's private message board and file repository.   By accessing the committee section, you are able to  better connect and stay abreast of the latest  developments and initiatives.  Additionally, accessing  the committee page is a convenient, easy-to-navigate  way to prepare for calls and meetings.

  • Post messages and announcements for the committee members
  • Browse previous discussions to catch up on recent happenings
  • Share files and documents among the committee members
  • Receive automated notifications about new messages and files
To get started:
  1. Log into the member section of the website.
  2. Navigate to your profile.
  3. Under "My Features," click Committees.
  4. View and respond to previous messages and files.
  5. Manage your notification preferences.
  6. View other committee members and their positions.

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