2018 Annual Convention

Join us for our 39th Annual Convention at the Springfield Wyndham City Centre, January 17th to 20th, and celebrate our theme Leading Lasting Change. Workshop and hotel information is now available. Our Job Placement Bureau will take place on Friday, January 19th from 8:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. Information is now available for prospective employers and job seekers.

Annual Convention Information

Presidential Perspective - Rosalinda Barragan

It has been a fun and eventful Fall, thus far.  In September, I had the privilege to introduce keynote speaker, Rachel Losoff, at the Intern/Supervisor Workshop in Normal, IL and co-presented with Gabriela Garibay (one of our ISPA chairs of the Child and Professional Diversity Committee) on Best Practices for ELs at one of the breakout sessions. 

In October, we completed a successful Fall Conference in Schaumburg (5th and 6th).  I would like to personally thank our presenters: Robert Dixon, Dr. Pamela Fenning, Dr. Dan Florell, Kylie Kosmacek, Dr. Samuel Ortiz and Dr. Kathy Pluymert.

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