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Illinois School Psychologists Association

Serving the educational and mental health interests of all children and youth for over 30 years.

Resources from Illinois School Psychology Training Programs

With increased demands for accountability and evidence-based practice in school settings, educators across the country are in need of resources that are highly accessible, cost-effective, and feasible for school-based implementation. This Illinois School Psychology Association (ISPA) has partnered with state school psychology training programs to help to directly address this need by producing credible and high quality products for the ISPA website, which is available to a wide audience of school professionals.

During the pilot year, students participating in a consulting course at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCSPP) engaged in service-learning projects aimed at enhancing their effectiveness as school-based consultants. Students conducted a brief needs assessment with educators in school settings and designed an interactive evidence-based professional resource aligned to the identified needs. Exemplary student projects are featured here.

Examples of Fidelity Checklists for Tier 2/3 Interventions

Forming Relationships With Your Children-Spanish

Glossary of Psychological Terms
Glossary of Terms-Short Description

Hall Monitoring Data-Gathering How-To Guides
Hall Monitor Printable Form
Hall Monitor Printable Form Room Codes
Hall Monitoring Data Form 1-2
Hall Monitor Data System

IEP Glossary for Spanish Translators

IEP Presentation for Children

Procedural Safeguards for Students/Guardians of Students with Disabilities Presentation
Procedural Safeguards for Students/Guardians of Students with Disabilities Handout